INCOM, since 1988, has been honing its mission on a daily basis. INCOM has worked hard to become a "one-stop-shop" for all his clients' digital needs, facilitating web and software integration as well as providing the necessary hardware and support for such a task.


Reinforcing our commitment to our clients, in 2001, we developed a partnership with Advonet Communications to offer comprehensive marketing solutions, enabling INCOM not only to produce quality products, but also position them successfully in the marketplace.


Because a majority of our business comes from returning clients, it has given us the stability and confidence to consistently grow and improve our level of service and product offering.


In 2004, INCOM Integrated Computer Systems was an Inside Business Magazine Northeast Ohio Success Award Recipient for the fourth straight year.


For more information about INCOM, please call 1.800.414.6266.

Since 1988, one company, one mission:
increase client prosperity.


Our experience, commitment, and solutions help companies increase their efficiency and effectiveness, lower operating costs, and blaze new sustainable revenue trails.


Jon Lorenzo
Founder & President